O Lagar’s Off Menu Series: El Camino Club Sandwich

06 May, 2013

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O Lagar’s Off Menu Series: El Camino Club Sandwich

This past Friday as per my usual lunch sandwich challenge to the O Lagar kitchen I was slightly more specific in my request: A club sandwich! The Portuguese culinary palate is sadly weak when it comes to Turkey. Leg or thigh features sparingly in our culinary palate but as far as the whole bird is concerned we are unfortunately lacking. So much so that Luso Americans often do not cook a whole bird for Thanksgiving. Well not having turkey to work with I allowed the kitchen a substitute of chicken cutlet in place of the traditional turkey.

What transpired was called the El Camino Club. Why El Camino in the name? Well because as Ricardo said it includes everything found along the camino (path). Ok so here is what is in it: grilled chicken cutlet, white American cheese, sautéed inion, toothpick French fries, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. This probably ranks up there with the buffalo chicken sandwich and the Portuguese Po-Boy as my favorites. The chicken works well in place of the turkey and the addition of the cheese and onions adds an interesting layer of flavor without taking away from the smokiness of the bacon. The toothpick French fries add a slightly crunchy texture at first but as it softens and blends with the other ingredients it adds a very nice flavor sub note that propels this sandwich to stratospheric levels flavor wise!

So ask for it by name: The O Lagar El Camino Club Sandwich!

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