O Lagar’s Off Menu Series: The Fried Octopus Sandwich

08 March, 2013

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O Lagar’s Off Menu Series:  The Fried Octopus Sandwich

On a snowy Friday in what would otherwise be considered March I burst through the swinging doors of O Lagar’s kitchen, like some scene out of a spaghetti western, and ask for yet another off the menu sandwich. Augie’s demeanor today was off like the weather so I wasn’t sure what would emerge from the deep dark crevices of his mind. I waited in anticipation trying to quell the pangs of hunger stirring within as I saw patron after patron get served before me.

Finally, in what seemed like an eternity, the long awaited creation was delivered. The Fried Octopus Sandwich! As you can see from the photo it is sheer simplicity itself. The octopus is boiled in a seasoned mixture of onions, salt and pepper for at least an hour to render it tender. It is then cooled and thinly sliced. The octopus slices are dipped in an egg wash consisting of salt, pepper, paprika and finely chopped fresh parsley and then dredged in seasoned flour (salt pepper and some more paprika). The slices are deep fried then simply served on a Portuguese roll. Of course the classic house made potato chips share the plate along with some pickled vegetables to round out the plate.

I did add some mayonnaise to the sandwich as I felt it needed a little something more to bring it all together. The taste is actually subtle considering the main ingredient but that is what is great about octopus…it is basically a white fleshed protein that absorbs the flavors surrounding it. This works well in many preparations and I must say that I never had octopus in a sandwich but rest assured I will have more in the future!

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