O Lagar’s Off Menu Series: The O Lagar Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

28 January, 2013

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O Lagar’s Off Menu Series: The O Lagar Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

O Lagar’s off menu selections 3rd installment: The O Lagar Buffalo Chicken Sandwich.

I walked into the kitchen today and challenged Chef Augie to create another off menu never before offered sandwich. It has been some time since I posted an installment of the off menu series and I wasn’t feeling the usual creative culinary juices flowing hence my throw down to Augie. I needed a sandwich to write about! What transpired was truly amazing.

The O Lagar Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

The O Lagar Buffalo Chicken Sandwich starts with freshly cut chicken breast, pounded thin, freshly breaded and deep fried. It is then gently nestled atop a fresh Portuguese roll. To that Chef Augie adds the O Lagar made buffalo sauce (made with Portuguese Piri Piri and broth), his secret blue cheese dressing made from scratch (on the spot) and shaved lettuce. Served with Spanish cut dries and assorted olives and pickled vegetables it makes for an excellent lunch.

The combination of sauces is truly amazing as the buffalo sauce mingles with the blue cheese dressing (made with real blue cheese chunks) to create a satisfying finish. The buffalo sauce is unique as it is made from Portuguese Piri Piri and the O Lagar freshly made broth…it has a more peppery tang but also a richness from the broth. The blue cheese dressing with freshly crumbled blue cheese is very fresh and adds a complex and tasty note to the dish. Chef Augie would not reveal to me the secret behind both sauces as it is one of his many signature recipes. be sure to order yours the next time you to go to O Lagar.

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