O Lagar’s Off Menu Series: The Portuguese BLT

18 December, 2012

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O Lagar’s Off Menu Series: The Portuguese BLT

Off Menu Series 2nd Installment: The Portuguese BLT

You have all likely heard or in fact even had a BLT (Bacon Lettuce Tomato) at a deli or diner. But O Lagar features a variation of this timeless American classic with a Portuguese twist…the Portuguese BLT.

The Portuguese BLT

The difference is more than subtle. Instead of using smoked bacon strips O Lagar features a marinated pork belly served piping hot on a lightly toasted Portuguese roll with lettuce and tomato. Long before the fad took off in New York City’s Num Pang restaurant the Portuguese were enjoying pork belly sandwiches before cholesterol was even termed and O Lagar was serving it!

It is classic Portuguese incorporating the unique marinating style we call vinha d’alhos (direct translation wine garlic marinade) to infuse the meat with flavor and tenderize the toughest of cuts. Grilled to perfection with an added squeeze of piri piri sauce at the end to add a spicy boost the belly is carefully plated on a lightly toasted Portuguese roll with fresh lettuce and tomato. An optional addition for the brave of heart is to add a fried egg…this guilds the lily on what is a powerful combination of flavor. Optional toppings can be had such as onions (fresh or grilled), jalapeno peppers (for an extra spicy kick or just plain pickles that bring out the unique flavor elements of the marinade.

Be sure to ask for it by name: fried pork belly sandwich and ask to have the bread lightly toasted….make sure to provide waiter/bartender with exact toppings as each sandwich is a unique creation!

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